Andrés Hansson

Games programmer


Senior programming generalist that has professionally worked on AI, game play, tools, exporters, content compilers, patching systems, multiplayer implementation, game launcher and more on both PC and consoles.


As a lead I have been the link between the tech team and the producers. Involved in both short and long term planning of the development of the projects. I have also been involved in the interviewing and recruitment of new programmers.


Almost always working on hobby game / engine projects at home. I have written my own multiplayer 3D game engine with tools and editors to create games with.

My first lines of code were written back in 1991 on a C64.

Wrote my first game in pascal & x86 assembly 1995.

Wrote my first 3D engine in 2001.

Name: Andrés Hansson

Date of birth: 11 / 10 / 1978

Nationality: Swedish

Address: Stockholm, Sweden

Phone: (+46) 736726278

Email: andres_hansson@hotmail.com


I started out my career within game development in june 2003 at small studio called Amuze. Now fourteen years later I work as a Senior programmer at Avalanche Studios subsidiary Expansive worlds.

Games programmer

Avalanche Studios - 2005 - 2006

Worked on the Just Cause game implementing general gameplay features and also did some World editor support.

Game play lead programmer

Expansive Worlds - 2015 - 2017

I was Lead game play programmer during the development of the next generation hunting game "theHunter Call of the wild". I focused on AI and game systems.


Lead programmer

Expansive Worlds - 2010 - 2015

I led the development and maintenance of the free to play game theHunter. We built on a branch of the Just Caue 2 engine to create the worlds most realistic multiplayer hunting game.

Games programmer

Avalanche Studios - 2007 - 2010

I worked in the character mechanics team and also did general game play feature on two AAA projects that unfortunately were never released.

Tools programmer

Avalanche Studios - 2006 - 2007

I was a part of the team that created the content pipeline for Just Cause 2 and other AAA projects. I worked on the main World editor, exporters, content compilers, cutscene editor and more.

Senior programmer

Expansive Worlds - 2017 - current

I currently work on "Generation Zero" mainly as AI programmer.


Games programmer

Amuze - 2003 - 2005

Implemented general gameplay features and AI on the Head Hunter - Redemption game for Playstion 2 and Xbox.